Monday, February 10, 2014

More Waste In Utah - Senator Aaron Osmond's Pledge of Allegiance Bill

This year is starting out to be a great year for Utah waste, with wasted textbooks, trashed school lunches and now my favorite message bills. In 2010 I posted about the 27 lengthy steps on how a bill becomes a law.  Feel free to go back and review it if needed, since it shows the long process and cost involved with making a bill and passing a law in Utah.

This year Senator Aaron Osmond, out of complete bordem with his chair position on the Economic Development and Workforce committee, has had decided that we need to remove the comma in the pledge of allegiance.  SCR 01 in all it's glory is bound on wasting our short legislative session in all it's glory debating this hot topic.

Oh and yes it was debated, while your child choked to death on toxic air in downtown SLC, your senator was debating a joint resolution on commas.  Essentially the pause just before the word "under God" is just too much.  So to celebrate those words and their 60 years of controversy we are now wasting our time discussing how they should be said--with or without a comma.

This continued waste frustrates me to no end.  In a few short weeks the legislature will close for the year and any bill that isn't debated will miss out.  Things like discrimination, pollution and education spending are put on hold for Aaron Osmond and his desire to get his name in the paper.  Well Mr. Glory Hound Osmond, Fox 13 has done a story for you, Aunt Marie and Uncle Donny would be proud of ya!

When can we stop this waste and get back serious issues.  See my previous posts on waste and message bills by former Rep Wimmer.

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