Saturday, November 12, 2011

Strate to the Point: A few thoughts about Utility Rates

Brent Strate, councilmember elect, has a great post on the Utility Rates that have increased in South Ogden city. My family has an average rate of $53.00 but we have seen it rise from the low $30s to $53 we are at now just over the past 5 years. My biggest concern is why has their been a push for the past two years from the city to raise taxes during a recession. When know real thought has been given to the poor fiscal management of the city nor the impact this has caused. On numerous posts I have explained that the city has had slash budgets or dip into their emergency fund to make ends meet. Last year at this time we had to cancel the Christmas Party at the Timbermine. What was the solution? Go to Texas Roadhouse instead. I know we all love a steak dinner, but why not just CANCEL THE PARTY! Do a pot luck and have fun together. It will be interesting to see this year where the city goes for the Christmas party as the rest of the city pays more just to drink water.

In a number of conversations I have had with Councilmember Strate, I have been impressed with his fiscal ideas and how he wants to bring in the spending. I have seen some other councilmembers attempt the same but not seen the affect I expect. Now with more strength on the council to help bring this in; hopefully we will see some movement.

Comments welcome.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Council Member is....

Congrats to Sallee Orr, Wayne Smith and to our new council member - Brent Strate!!!

The votes are in and he was the CLEAR winner in the 3rd seat.

Here are the totals:

9.7% voter turn out

  • Sallee Orr - 569 votes
  • Wayne Smith - 476
  • Brent Strate - 415
  • Kelly Zaugg - 306
  • Rick Westmoreland - 255
  • Mike Jacobazzi - 132

It is clear who the winners and I'm excited for the new council. Brent Strate ran amazing campaign and did it right. Make sure you continue to check out his blog and I expect great things!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

South Ogden City Election Results

If you are looking for results! I have the link:
So far nothing, but soon...very soon we shall see who wins.

Election Day! Where to Vote?

South Ogden City Council Elections are today!  So your next questions should be: Where do you vote?

It is easy!

  • Precinct 1 - 6 you will vote at City Hall. This is for everyone north of 4800/5100 South.
  • Precinct 7-12 you will vote at the South Ogden Jr High Gym (Someone has to use it)

Polls open at 7 am and will stay open until 8 pm.

Once again I welcome you to read some of my posts about the election and wish everyone good luck

Monday, November 7, 2011

Who to vote for?

As always a lot of people ask my opinion on who to vote for. Unfortunately his year I have been out of the country a lot and not been able to be involved as much as I wanted to be.

A number of candidates made attempts to reach out to me and I was not able to talk to all of them. However I have been impressed with Brent Strate and his understanding on the issues and desire to serve. Therefore I am endorsing him for city council along with Wayne Smith and Sallee Orr.

I wish all the candidates well tomorrow and I hope you all go out and vote. My blog has plenty of info regarding each of the people I am endorsing.
Thanks for reading.