Monday, December 31, 2007

City Financial Data Online

The Deseret News this morning had an interesting article on financial data. The idea is that city governments create a searchable website that can allow citizens to search and see where their tax payer money is going.

I think this is an awesome idea! After the Raymond Ave Construction (though most of it was payed for by a federal grant), I was eager to see how the money was spent. In addition I would like to see where our money is spent in our fabulous city. I have decided to email our city council asking that they push for this as well.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Standard Examiner - Integrity Selling

Tonight I received my quarterly phone call from the Standard Examiner asking me to return. They always start out exactly the same way, "Hello, I noticed you have stopped getting the Standard Examiner."

Of course, once again I told them no. But this time they approached me with a new sales pitch. You see I am in sales, I teach people all day how to sell. I always teach my sales people to not manipulate people or force people to buy something. Sell based on their needs and be honest to your customer. But the Standard has reached a new low. The sales person said the following, "Can I send you the paper for 28 days; so local paper boys will have something to do for the holidays?"

Did you catch it? They want me to feel guilty for the poor young paper boys and then I should buy the paper. THIS IS DISHONEST AND MANIPULATIVE! I will now never, ever get the Standard Examiner. How horrible to try and capitalize on the youth and the holidays.

Besides the fact that the Standard tends to be a week late on stories, politically bias, and mis-reports information, I have asked to be taken off the sales call list for the Standard every quarter for two years now and they keep calling.

Thanks Standard for keeping up your reputation.