Saturday, October 22, 2011

South Ogden City Council Elections

Sorry for the lack of posts!  I have been traveling all over the world lately.  But the Standard yesterday had a great article on the candidates  I thought you all should see:

But I would like to point out some things that Brent Strate had to say:

 A veteran teacher of finance and financial literacy at Bonneville High School, Strate, 45, is wary about recently implemented utility rate increases and how they've affected entrepreneurship in the city. 
"I'm concerned about the impact on just a few businesses that I thought were a little too much as far as the utility rate increases," he said. "Of course, some of that was necessary, but I think the top rates are a little too progressive."
A few area businesses that use large amounts of water have been met with drastically increased rates -- especially when compared with other cities -- a fact Strate said could discourage certain owners from coming to South Ogden.
He cites his ability to evaluate situations from a cost- benefit analysis and to ask insightful questions as his strengths when it comes to sitting on the council. 

 This is the kind of person we need on the council!  I have been saying these things for years and I am excited to see someone coming with this kind of thinking. Please read this article and also check out Brent Strate's blog at