Friday, August 24, 2007

Wikipedia and South Ogden

For sometime now, I have been addicted to Wikipedia. I am amazed at how this program works. Everyday internet users, like you and me, update an online encyclopedia of topics for everyone to read. Nearly every topic you can think of is there, quickly you can find yourself jumping from one subject to another, not even remembering why you came to Wikipedia in the first place.

I am impressed South Ogden City has a Wikipedia page. Our fair city is part of the biggest online encyclopedia in the world!

I encourage you all to visit, update, edit, and share this page. It is exciting that as citizens of South Ogden we can share our city with the world.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

School Bus Stop Ahead..or is it?

One of the conversations that has begun, as of late, on our street is the school bus stop. Before you have children this is not something you think much about. Once your have children you begin to have conversations you never dreamed people had; however simple or trivial one of these conversations maybe, each one can be very important to you and your family's life. The conversation of a school bus stop is just such a conversation.

As the Raymond Ave. project moves a long, people have begun to wonder how the school bus will be able to get to our street and will we have a sidewalk to accommodate our children/students. The bus, in the past, has stopped on the corner of Carney and Raymond; unfortunately there isn't much left of that road for a school bus to stop, nor for children to wait for the bus.

In response to these questions the city (I am sure after many phone calls) placed a flyer on our doors saying that the bus stop would be moved to the corner of Nordin and Carney. As I came home at 5 pm I saw a man going door to door letting us all know. I am glad they responded to us less than one day before school started, but we still have to walk our children through the dirt to the school bus stop up the street. Now my son is not old enough to experience this; however I feel for those parents on our street who have worried about it. Good luck in your adventure through the dirt to the school bus stop ahead.

I guess we could say a bus stop--is better than no bus stop at all.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Survey Update

On the South Ogden City Website the following has been posted about the Survey I commented on a couple of weeks ago:

General Plan Revision/Citizen Survey

Thanks to all of those that have participated in our citizen survey. Out of 5,200 surveys sent out we have about 750 that have been returned. The return rate is 14% which is typical for a citizen survey. Once the results have been compiled we will make them available on the web site for your viewing.

The General Plan updated is moving forward and should be completed some time this fall. The city will be hosting an open house and two public hearings before it is adopted. Please stay tuned for those upcoming dates.

I would like to note I was off on my calculations from my previous post; they only sent 5,200 not the estimated 5,466, a difference of $109.06 for the initial mailing and only 750 mailed back the survey; the cost was only $307.50, giving us a grand total of:


Not bad, they still could have saved a tree or two on Raymond.

I look forward to the final results.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Secondary Water

Can anyone tell me why our secondary water has been off for nearly a week and no one came to inform us that it was going to be shut off?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Water on Raymond Ave

Back in May we had a meeting about our construction on Raymond Ave. The city suggested we pay to update all of our pipes and add a bleed valve system to our water, the told us they would inform us of this when they come through to connect our water to the new system. This week B K Fox Contractors came through and connected all of our water.

No one asked if we would like to update our systems. No one asked if we wanted the bleed valve system--no one. However, we had budgeted to do so, but I now I hope we don't need too. They told us stories of rust in our water, etc. I wonder why they would tell us to do this and then not have us do it.

UPDATE: One of my neighbors asked the contractors about it. They said his pipes were fine and not to worry.