Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who has filed for city council?

The Standard Examiner has compiled a list of who is running for the city council offices in South Ogden. As usual we will be preparing a full profile of each candidate to help all of us decide on who will be best. Of course each profile will be mingled with my own opinion of the candidate.

As predicted, Mayor Garwood will not be running for mayor this year and Vicki Mattson, John Bradley and Jim Minster are all going to be running for the big chair. You can see my last post here (See Here)

As for new comers the following are also running:

  • Rick Westmoreland - Mayoral Candidate
  • Russ Porter - Council
  • Lamont Camp - Council
  • Bryan Benard - Council
I know a couple of these candidates; so it will be fun to see how this race plays out. Only 2 seats are open for election this year. If you have any info, ideas or comments please post them or email me directly.

Let the games begin.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who is running for City Council and Mayor?

It has been nearly a month since my last post. With the birth of a new child and other family obligations I am surprised at how little time I have to write. But I am happy to be at the computer this morning to talk about something I am passionate about--politics.

Who is running for office in South Ogden. As many of you know there are three city council seats open this election, which includes Mayor. I have had five people confirm to me that Mayor Garwood will not be running this time around and council member Vicki Mattson will be looking to replace him. Potentially a couple more city council members will throw their hats in. I would not be surprised to see Bradley or Minster go for the job as well.

Ms. Mattson and I have had our run ins in the past, but in the end we are always friendly to each other. I believe she has the understanding of South Ogden to do the job. But does she have the demeanor and leadership skills to make it happen?I have seen how she has treated constituents and other council members when she thinks know one is looking. Her leadership in my opinion has been lacking. I am yet to be convinced she would make a good mayor.

Hopefully we can gather more information and keep you all informed. The deadline is July 15th.

One final note: I have had many people, including some city council members, ask me if I am running for the council. Though I feel this is a great time to run for the council, I have decided not to run. With some recent obligations that have come forth, my time is now extremely limited and it would be unfair to my family. I have not been able to attend the last four city council meetings and expect to miss more with these obligations. Thank you to those who called in support.