Sunday, September 30, 2007

South Ogden City Elections

As many of you know, we are closing in on the municipal elections of 2007. What an amazing opportunity for the citizens of South Ogden to chose who will "steer the ship." Living in America and having the freedoms we do is incredible; I sincerely hope we all take advantage of these freedoms by voting in November.

As I contemplated the elections, I realized I know very little with regards to who is running and why. While doing a search for these answers I decided to visit the South Ogden City Website. However, the city has posted limited information about who is running, why, issues, etc.

You can check out the South Ogden election page by following this link:

For those of who do not want to follow the link here are the names:

2007 Candidates:

John W. Bradley - incumbent
Arlo L. Mueller
Sallee Orr
Shannon P. Sebahar - incumbent
Wayne M. Smith

One can argue that it is not the duty of South Ogden City to post biographical nor additional info for each candidate on their website. Therefore I would like to do my best in helping the city know who they are voting for. If not for your sake, but for my own.

Starting October 10th, I will gather information about each candidate. I will do my best to contact each candidate and ask them the same questions. Their answers will be posted here on the FromWhereISitBlog.Com website. If you have any questions you would like me to submit, please feel free to post your questions here. I want to give each candidate the opportunity to answer the same questions; therefore please comment in the next few days.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Raymond Ave. Project.

Nearly 45 days after the estimated deadline the Raymond Avenue project is nearly completed. The horrible discombobulated cement guys have moved on, the road workers have finished the roads, and the landscapers have started putting in our new trees and fixing our sprinklers. For the most part we have been happy with the end result. I was very disappointed in the cement work and I am missing a sprinkler head. But the road looks very nice.

Friday, September 21, 2007

South Ogden Fire Department

In doing a routine "South Ogden" Google search; I came across the South Ogden Fire Department website. It was very impressive, complete with forums and info about our fair city. I haven't seen many Fire Department websites, but this was a great website. I encourage you all to visit the site and explore its options.

There is a forum section where you can learn about product recalls, ask questions of the SOFD and more. The Kids Corner is a link to the FEMA website but still has great information. I am proud to see South Ogden and the Fire Department embracing technology to educate our community. Chief Tracy Bolt has done a great job with the site. Though it is obviously under construction is some areas, it is a fun site. It just needs some publicity; therefore I am posting a link on my blog.

In the pictures section I saw this photo of Captain Rick Rasmussen teaching a baby sitting class about fire safety and how to use a fire extinguishers. I didn't know we did this!