Saturday, March 26, 2011

Police release name of Raymond Shooting suspect. - Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake Tribune, (See Here), has reported the name of the bank robber suspect and shooting victim on Raymond Avenue.  His name is Michael Ames and is apparently in critical condition.  He underwent surgery last night from his injuries.  Not sure if they were the bullets or the bat.  (I saw the bat today, it was a large Easton aluminium softball bat, OUCH!)

The report says he has a long criminal history of drugs, alcohol, disorderly conduct, and assault charges.  More than likely we will be adding more.

Just another day on Crazy Raymond Avenue.

Fox 13 also has released their report: See Here

Friday, March 25, 2011

Raymond Avenue in Shock - But Recovering

Fox 13 has the early news show and has already posted their report.  You can see a photo my wife took of the incident on their site.  Read it Here

More and more info is coming out about my amazing neighbor and his heroics to save his family.  I am so amazed how he was able to react.  From what I am hearing, the suspect got into his house but my neighbor wasn't going to have it.  After he wrestled with him and beat him out the door, the suspect was shot. One cop, referring to the beating, I overheard say, "You did some serious damage!"

I saw when he got to see his wife for the first time.  The sat hugged each other and cried.  I said very clearly, "I had time to react." You know what he did!  His wife has an amazing man.

I hope I can be half as brave as he was.

One thing is for certain, don't mess with people on Raymond.

Other News Reports:

More On Shooting On Raymond

Here are few more photos of what has happened.

I am glad everyone on the street is safe.

Potential Bullet Hole!

Here you can see the suspects footprints in the snow as he ran through the yard

Shooting on Raymond Avenue

A few minutes ago, the unbelievable took place.  A suspected criminal was being chased through the neighborhood of South Ogden. As the police chased him, he ran through neighborhoods in coming from Evelyn to Raymond Avenue.

According to witness reports on my street, as he ran into Raymond Avenue he decide it would be better to duck into a nearby home.  He made the attempt to push through the front door, the owner of the home pulled the door shut.  So the suspect ran around the back to enter the back door.  At this point the owner of the home used a bat to defend himself and keep the suspect occupied until police arrived.  At that time, the suspect apparently pulled a gun and was shot by police.

More to come.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flip Flop or True Change on HB 477

Today in the Salt Lake Tribune there is an article on Rep. Carl Wimmer’s desire to repeal the dreaded HB 477. (See Here) For once Rep. Wimmer and I agree on something, but what I find interesting is the enormous amount of political back-tracking that is happening with this thing, especially with Mr. Wimmer.

Have a number of our legislators really learned this is a horrible bill or are they worried about the political fallout this will cause them?

Just to be reminded, this is who voted for the ORIGINAL BILL in the House:

Original HB 477 Vote

When the Senate recalled (not repealed) the law to amend it to start in July, all of the sudden people were voting against it. Were House Members voting against because they knew they had made a mistake or did they just not like the July 1st date? Where they feeling the heat or did they really think this was a bad bill?

Any representative that tells me they voted against the final passing is not being truthful if the voted for the original bill. The only reason they even got another vote was because the Senate recalled the bill. Without the recall, they House would have moved on.

I remember well when Senator Kerry said, “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.”

Here is how the vote went for the "recalled amended" version in the House:

Amended HB 477 Vote

Not much of a change, was there? 19 votes in total switched to NAYS. Are these political flip floppers or people who really have changed their mind?

In Rep. Wimmer’s case, I think it is a Flip Flop. Why? Because I have been personally been attacked by Mr. Wimmer for voicing my opinion to him. Mr. Wimmer only has political ambition in mind and in reality could care less about anything else. Why else would he constantly tweet, text and push to be in the papers about being an advocate for repeal. When he VOTED for it in the first place.

As for the rest, only time will tell. Personally I am disappointed in all of them. What a waste of a 2011 legislature. Cats, Guns, and Text Messages. What highlights!

Comments welcome.

Monday, March 14, 2011

South Ogden Recreation Scholarship Created

A program that was created by our City Council has flown under the radar for the past few weeks.  Report Gentry Reinhart, Standard Examiner, has done a nice job explaining this new program and what it means to South Ogden.   Last year the recreation administration officials proposed a 50 percent increase in fees when parents use Medicare or Medicaid to register a child.  So to help offset the cost a scholarship fund has been created to help those who need it. 

How does the scholarship fund get its funds?

Simple.  When you register your child there is now an option to donate a little extra to go towards the fund. Also as business contact the city about donating money, business will also be able to donate directly to the fund.

How do you get a scholarship?

You must fill out an application with South Ogden Rec. and provide a valid Medicare or Medicaid card.

When will this start?

Starting with baseball season, you will be able to begin donating.  I assume you will be able to register for the scholarship around this same time.


This is a great program that brings communities together, great job South Ogden.

Read Gentry’s full article here:


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Urban Forestry Commission - Arbor Day Plans

Tonights meeting was great, it was wonderful to see the commission move forward with some really plans. We were once again missing a few members but had a enough for a quorum (barely).  On our agenda we discussed the tree inventory and are finally moving forward.  We are hopeful to have it completed by this year.

Arbor Day is coming up on April 22nd and our Urban Forestry Commission is gearing up with plans to celebrate.  We are not ready to announce our final plans but I promise it will be great and will include, prizes, contests, and tree planting.  Should be a great event and I am excited to be apart of it.

Mark your calendars on April 22nd to help us plant trees.  We are tentatively planning for 10 am and 5 pm.  More to come.  Also look out for some future posts on what Arbor Day is and why we celebrate it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HB 477 Will be the Law.

Last night, Governor Herbert ignored our calls.  He signed HB 477 into law.  The Senate earlier this week recalled and delayed the law so it now will not go into effect until July 1st.  With the promise of a special session to fix the bill.  I promise you nothing will change.  Either way this is a lose/lose for Utah.  We are now the less democratic state in America.  We might as well succeed from the Union, put the M1911 on the flag and call it a day.  We are laughing stock across the nation.


Read more here:



Monday, March 7, 2011

HB 477 - A real disappointment

As you may or may not know, the Utah State Legislature has recently passed HB 477.  This fantastic peace of legislation restricts the famed GRAMA law.  For those of you unfamiliar with GRAMA, it works like this.  If you want to know what your government official is doing, you can submit a GRAMA request.  In return you will receive all of their communications regarding a certain topic, more or less.  For example:  Maybe you want to know if Rep. Carl Wimmer is attempting to get someone fired because he doesn't like that they are investigating his ponzi scheming friend.  But you need to see what he is saying to those in charge to prove it.  A GRAMA request will get you access to his emails, text messages, etc.  And you would find out that indeed he is.  (This really happened by the way).

But our amazing legislature has now restricted this access to GRAMA by passing HB 477 (via Big Brother Rep John Dougall, R-Highland) .  This would restrict the access of Utah Taxpayers to our legislators text messages, voice mails, instant messages, and video chats.  It is waiting on Governor Herbert's desk to sign.

Their argument is GRAMA requests take up time and money.  Though I agree they do, it sounds like we need to create a more efficient system in making GRAMA requests and gathering the info, not eliminate the idea all together.  If we claim we want a transparent government that is accountable, then why are we now restricting it and making it secret.

So who voted for it in our area: (Yea that is about everyone)

What a real disappointment.  Instead of working on ways to improve education, create jobs or even help Utah be amazing, we can now shoot cats in front of schools with an M1911 and as long as I only tell people via Text Message know one will ever find out.


Comments Welcome.

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