Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Raymond Project

Our fair little street is still under heavy construction. It is hard to know if we are getting close to the end or not. They have told us mid-August, but who knows. For now we are stuck living on a dirt road. They have really done a good job in keeping out of our way when we are going to and from work. Also, having a truck that waters down the road has been great for the dust.

These pictures can give you a brief look as to what is happening on our street. We feel sometimes we are in a third world country. But really it hasn't been to bad. Honestly we feel they are making some progress. Having no sidewalks has been a little hard to get used to. We love walking our baby each day in the fresh air, but the stroller isn't a fan of the dirt roads nor is the baby a fan of the dust.

At our original May 15th Meeting we were told they would come and talk to us about paying for new connections to our house and other odds and ends. No word yet. But they have started connecting some houses further down (so I hear). August is fast approaching and I wonder if they will be done on schedule. As far as I can see, we have had one rain day so we should be ahead of schedule.


Our wonderful neighbors across the street recently posted a video of their tree coming down. They had an enormous sycamore. It was so amazing and beautiful; however I think I can speak for my neighbor when I say it was horrible to clean up after. I still can't believe most of our trees are gone.

Enjoy the video. http://grovesfam.blogspot.com/2007/06/timber_29.html

Also you can read more about their tree and watch the process here:


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

South Ogden Citizen's Survey

Today was an exciting day in the Markland household. We received our South Ogden Citizen's Survey. No it isn't that exciting. But I do praise South Ogden City for keeping us in the loop.

The survey is very long and in many ways redundant. I believe I was asked if I wanted a city pool four times. Do you think the city asked each department to submit questions for the survey, but know one looked at each other's questions before the survey was mailed? Many times I was asked what my biggest concern was, but each time it had a different way of answering: sometimes it was by a check mark, other times I prioritized between one and five or one and ten. You would think there would be a little more communication on such a big mailing. Our tax payer money went to mailing this thing; therefore I hope someone reads all four times I put down I didn't think the city needs a pool. Let's think about this, if a stamp costs $.41 and you mail a survey to everyone in South Ogden; that is a lot of money.

  • Population of South Ogden is 15,328 with 5,466 households. - according to city-data.com.
  • $.41 Stamp.
  • $.41 x 5,466 = $2,241.06.
  • Then add a pre-paid return envelope to each one, there is an additional $2,241.06.
  • $$2,241.06 x 2 = $4,482.12.

Estimated Cost $4,482.12

Now I am not taking into consideration envelope costs, paper costs, printing costs, man hours to tally survey results or the fact that the envelope may been heavier than a $.41 cent stamp due the size of the survey. Also they could have gotten a bulk rate discount. But estimated cost $4,482.12 for a survey that asked the same questions 4 or 5 times. I think surveys are great, I just hope this one was effective. It would be nice if they posted the results online. In fact, why couldn't we just put the survey on the South Ogden Website and the computer could calculate the results for us. This probably would have been cheaper.

Maybe we could have saved a few more trees on Raymond Ave. with that $4,481.12.

Anyways, my survey is filled out and in the mail. Thanks Mayor Garwood and City Manager Darrington for letting me give my opinion.

If you didn't get a survey go down to South Ogden and pick one up, you need to get it back to them by the 27th of July. Plus it would be cheaper to just go down and fill one out.