Thursday, June 28, 2007

South Ogden City Website

I received my monthly South Ogden City newsletter with my utility bill this week. One of the highlights is the upgrade of the new website. South Ogden City has always had a poorly developed website. This new one promises to be exciting. I was so excited to see the city move in this direction. I have been very upset about the website in the past. There is now up to date calendar information, better graphics, you can search the city code for information and lots of other great links.

Take some time and look at it:

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

South Ogden Day's -- 5k Run

How exciting to live in a town that has some sort of "days." I lived in Nephi, Utah for many years and I am sure we had some sort of "days," but I can't remember what they were called.

Some people have Scottish Days (Payson) and others have Tomato Days (Hooper).

I guess we have no industry to tie to it--like Payson and Hooper; maybe we could call it Bad Traffic on 40th Street Days or maybe even Dirt Road on Raymond Days. Jokes a side, we had a great time! We chose not to attend the carnival nor the country concert (from a guy we have never heard of). But we did participate in the 5k!

Here we are--the whole gang.

My wife and I both signed up (well my wife signed us up) and we had a great time. Most of our immediate neighborhood came and ran. It was fun to be near our friends and neighbors; in addition it was great to see us all trying to stay [get] into shape and support the community

I applaud South Ogden for doing all they can to bring us together. I would hate to live in a community where the people didn't want to enjoy each others friendships nor a city council whom wouldn't want to increase moral. The event was well organized: the company tracking the times did a great job, water bottle was cool, t-shirts were nice but the design was kind of weird, it was odd the raffle gave out gift certificates to places like Taco Maker and McDonald's, (especially since we all just ran a 5k); in addition the route copied 60 percent of the Goldenwest Credit Union's 5k route.

In the end it was all very fun.

All the proceeds of this run went to the Veterans Memorial and I am glad to be at least giving to a cause. The random excel number generator they used for the drawings after was bogus. It seemed like the same name was called about six times--and I was left off in the end. *Poor Sport*

If you check out the pictures; you will see I am the one with the shaggy hair and the "Vote for Pedro" Shirt.

Yes this is me!