Saturday, December 4, 2010

South Ogden City gets a "B" for Transparency

The Sutherland Institute recently released their Transparency in Government Website results.  This publication was created using a 10-point checklist of information any government website should have.  The cities of the state of Utah overall earned an average score of "C-", barely a passing grade.   However South Ogden is above average and has earned a "B" with only a handful of cities earning an "A-".
   The South Ogden website might not be the most aesthetically pleasing website, but it does have a ton of information on it.  Some of the information you can get includes council minutes, agendas, building permits, pay your utilities and budget info.     Overall it has been a very easy website to use and in comparison to many of the other city websites, we have a lot of things going for us.  It is really worth checking out at

To read more about the Transparency in Utah program and see how other cities scored, you can go to the Sutherland Institute website at: or check out the scores at here.

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